St. Lawrence County
Snowmobile Association

SLCSA  •  PO Box 421  •  Canton NY 13617  •  315 265-0898

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Our Purpose

(a) To encourage snowmobile enthusiasts, club members, their families, and others to enjoy the winter sport of snowmobiling while promoting friendship and better relations between themselves and public and private landowners;

(b) To help promote the economic and social areas in St. Lawrence County and surrounding counties as well by emphasizing the growing popularity of this winter activity;

(c) To respect and obey the laws promulgated by the New York State Department of Conservation, the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Town and Village Ordinances and any other laws relating to the operation of snowmobiles on private or public land.

(d) To respect wildlife, their habitat and the environment in which they live by being careful not to disturb or destroy their existence by thoughtless or reckless snowmobile operators.

(e) To promote the formation of new clubs within the county and to enhance the relationship and coordination between the individual clubs.

(f) To work with the New York State Snowmobile Association in its ongoing effort to improve the sport of snowmobiling in the state by supporting activities that will enhance the sport.

(g) To support the maintenance and enhancement of public snowmobile trails in New York State and specifically in St. Lawrence County;

(h) To increase public awareness of the need for and value of preserving, protecting and managing the natural environment for use by the general public, including snowmobiling;

(i) To encourage conservation of natural resources, including lands and forests, and to promote multiple uses of our lands and forests by the general public;

(j) To provide information to the general public about the outdoor activity of snowmobiling, including information about the safe operation of snowmobiles, the safe travel and navigation of lands by means of snowmobiles, and the protection of the environment while using snowmobiles; and,

(k) To lessen the burdens of government by providing support to governmental authorities having jurisdiction over public safety, the environment, and snowmobiling, including cooperating with governmental agencies to maintain and improve public snowmobile trails.