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Welcome to the St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association. The Association is made up of eight member clubs and the membership fee is only $30 for both individual and family memberships. When you join an association club you are automatically a member of the St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association also. The proceeds go directly to the support and maintenance of the county trail system. You also receive a voucher that will save you money when you register your snowmobile with the NYS DMV.

Our snowmobile trails are maintained by active volunteer members who work with private landowners to create and maintain trails. Our association and local clubs do not require that you be an active participant, but we certainly welcome any volunteer work that you may wish to offer. You can also simply join to save on your NYS DMV registration. 

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Join an SLCSA club by December 1st and your name will be entered in a drawing to win

30- $25 gift certificates for gas and food at local businesses

Did you know that you can join and support more than one club?

Each secondary club membership will add an additional entry into the contest

Join online at

Giving back to support our eight snowmobile association clubs, our business sponsors, and our members.

Winners will be accepted at random from members who joined The St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association member club(s): Childwold SnoPackers, Colton Sno Skippers, Dairyland Snowmobile Club, Edwards Snowmobile Club, Grasse River Groomers, Heuvelton Punchlock Travelers, St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Club, and Tri-Town Trailblazers between 4/1/21 and 12/1/2021


By belonging to our association clubs, you are helping to support the sport and assisting in providing good trails. You also have the opportunity to share the fun and fellowship of snowmobiling with others.

Join Online

Joining online is the fastest way to receive your St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association membership. If you have a color printer, you can join and print your club voucher immediately

Please have your Visa or MasterCard handy and join online through the New York State Snowmobile Associations site. Make sure to print out your registration voucher in color and take it to the DMV when you register your snowmobiles.

Snowmobile Registration

All snowmobile riders resident and non-resident, must register their sleds in New York State in order to ride on NYS trails. Registration is $100 if the owner does not belong to a NYS Snowmobile Association Member Club. If the owner joins one of the many clubs around the state, a voucher is issued and the registration fee is only $45.

NY State residents must have paid sales tax on sleds. Non-residents are exempt. Sleds may be registered at any NYS Department of Motor Vehicle Office throughout the state. Registration renewals are commonly processed by mail. In St. Lawrence County DMV offices are:

80 State Highway 310, Canton, 315-386-1408, Hours M-F 8 am – 5 pm
1227 State Highway 11, Gouverneur, 315-287-7034, Hours M-F 8:30 am – Noon; 1 - 4 pm
21 Harrowgate Commons, Massena, 315-764-1727 Hours M-F 8:30 am – 4 pm

206-210 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, 315-393-5386, Hours M-F 8:30 – 11 am; Noon – 4 pm



10. To create snowmobile trails, Snowmobile Clubs negotiate permission and proper insurance coverage for the season. Without the landowner partnerships, the snowmobiling sport would not exist.

9. Snowmobile clubs clear and create trails. After permission is granted, club volunteers work to create trails by clearing away the brush, cutting down obstructing limbs, hauling out trash and smoothing the base of the trails. Volunteers may have to build bridges to overpass creeks and low spots. The combined efforts of club volunteers are vital to the success of any snowmobiling club.

8. After creation, volunteer members of the snowmobile clubs continue to groom the trails, donating time to make the trails as smooth as they possibly can before the first snowfall of the season. Members spend a majority of their time on a slow moving groomer, to properly smooth out all of the trails.

7. While we’re talking trails, who do you think puts up all the stop signs, caution signs and directional arrows (just to name a few)? If you said “the snowmobile clubs,” give yourself 10 points and keep reading, because we’ve only just begun.

6. Discounted DMV Registration. Your membership lowers your DMV Registration Fee. In New York, some Club funding comes from the Snowmobile Trail Fund, administered by New York State Parks, collected when you register your sled with DMV. But your Club membership is still needed. The reimbursement program does not come close to covering Clubs’ expenses.

5. Membership has its benefits. Your Membership gets you a voucher so your snowmobile registration will be $45 instead of $100. A large variety of discounts are also available, including the FREE $4,000 NILICO Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.

4. Belonging to a club makes for better, safer snowmobiling. Surveys and accident statistics have shown that snowmobile club members have a much lower accident rate than non-club members. Club members tend to be conscientious, they tend to stress safety and they are aware of safe-riding issues.

3. Belonging to a snowmobile club gives you a great social outlet. You can help out on trails, attend club rides, go to club meetings, and take part in club fundraisers. Belonging to a club gives you a good opportunity to ride with different people who have similar interests and experience different areas.

2. Belonging to a snowmobile club makes you a part of the solution. Get involved. Take the initiative to help maintain and groom trails. Clubs seek fresh opinions and welcome feedback from all members.

And the #1 reason to join a snowmobile club: It’s just the right thing to do. For all the reasons listed above and many more, you should belong to a snowmobile club. The costs are minimal, the benefits are nice and it’s your responsibility to support the sport. It’s cheap, it’s simple and it’s right.