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St. Lawrence County Trail Map


St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association offers a free paper map of our county trail system and shows connecting trails from Canada as well as surrounding counties of Franklin, Lewis, and Hamilton. Use your map to plan your ride ahead and navigate the trail system. Trails change each year ever so slightly, so please keep your map up to date so you don’t ride on a trail that has been closed by a landowner. As always, if you don’t see a sign don’t just follow tracks, tracks are not a trail. Maps are offered at area businesses and the St Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce will mail you a free trail map,

The County Snowmobile Association's Trail Map marks all parking areas, gas, food, and lodging along the routes. Access points to the trails are often found at these establishments.

What the map won’t show is the warmth and hospitality along St. Lawrence County trails. This is definitely Small Town, USA and you’re never a stranger – you’re a SNOWMOBILER! In these parts, that counts for a lot. Everywhere you go you’re offered companionship, insider trail tips, good fun and great service.

Click here: for our free St Lawrence County Snowmobile Map!

NY Snowmobile Trails Interactive Web Map and Trip Planner

St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association is also part of the NYSSA Snowmobile Interactive Web Map.

Here is the link below to the new web map put out by NYSSA which we will update for trail open/closed info, POI's etc... it's brand new and a work in progress. You can see our trails as well as the entire state. This may include a phone app in the future.

A special thanks to our sponsors!

We continue to work with our County Chamber to promote tourism with our county trail map each year.

Without our many sponsors, we could not continue to offer our paper or interactive map and add your requested new features. The County Chamber and these businesses support us, so please help support them!